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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day and we've got them, "right this minute". a dad's out on his harley when he motions. >> for his boy ryan to grab the handlebars. >> the story from behind the video of the father and son who love it to ride. >> my middle name is harley legally. i've been around motorcycles my entire life. it's something in his blood. >> something is stuck in that narrow ditch. >> what do you think these firefighters could possibly be rescuing? >> when you see what comes out you'll wonder how it got? >> a woman chases a runaway car
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with two kids in it. >> but the car runs her over. >> how a hero named dave jumped in to save the day. and after we showed you this ultimate selfie fail. >> don't want to talk about this video and who this guy is. >> meet the instant legend who swears it's not a hoax and reveals what really happened. >> i was just super confused. >> you guys all know i'm a huge motorcycle fan and who doesn't love to see father/son time. i have jacob hughes riding his harley through the midland, texas, area and his boy ryan riding with him. ryan is 6 years old. you see jacob motion for his boy ryan to grab the handlebars. he's doing a good job operating the throttle. jacob controlling the direction of the motorcycle with his body. >> it is awesome to have an
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experience like this with your dad but i can't help but be super nervous. >> you and a lot of people are responding the same way. to answer some of those questions ryan and jacob joining us right this minute. tell us about this ride. was this ryan's first ride? >> ryan has been riding with me before he was a year old. he's very comfortable on a bike. he rides his own dirt bike. >> why isn't he wearing leathers? he has a helmet on. nobody can criticikritcriticize that. >> a spur of the moment ride and wasn't a planned one. could have been wearing more protective clothing but that's how i've grown up riding and continue to ride. >> are you surprised by how much attention this video is getting? were you expecting this when you unloaded this video? >> i was not expecting the attention it was going to get. i'm quite blown away. i've been contacted from people from the uk and europe and germany. it's crazy. >> what do you like about
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motorcycles so much? >> they're fun. >> they are. i agree. >> do you want to ride your own harley some day and tell me why? >> they're fast. >> we just kind of showed him where the levers were and explained what they did and he took off very cautiously and slow at first but never been scared about it. he's been around motorcycles his entire life. my middle name is harley legally. i've been around motorcycles my entire life. he's a natural at it. >> are you friends saying anything to you at school about the video? >> some of them have seen it. they say it's cool. >> how did that make you feel when they said it was cool? >> it made me feel happy. >> yeah. are the ladies reaching out because they think you're super cool riding the motorcycle, ryan? getting a few phone numbers here and there?
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>> no. >> jacob, do you plan to do it again after all the comments you've gotten? >> you know, this is how i was brought up. my son loves to ride. i'm not going to keep him from doing something he enjoys with me. it's good father/son time is how i look at it. will i continue to do it? absolutely. i think ellen is saying she probably should have listened to her mother. his dash cam video from a police car she stolep. she was convicted of this crime and she is driving very fast and police say she was under the influence. on the stand at her trial she admitted she drank most of a pint of gin and several beers ander mother told her not to iv and sheen she drove car she d night a dumpster. an officer was on the scene, arrested her. when he put her in cuffs he put her in the back seat of his police vehicle while he was checking on her boyfriend, she somehow got her hands cuffed
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behind her to her front, climbed through the partition of the police car, able to get behind the wheel and take off. she is the one driving this police car erratically. >> yes. behind the wheel of this car, she reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. >> whoa. that was close. >> she barely missed some people. >> how did this come to an end, crashed or managed to stop her? >> she eventually does crash into a pole. at that point, police say she was hurt but she took off. they didn't find her until the next morning. >> wow. >> escape artist. >> this happened in september. she was convicted of dui, escape, evading arrest, theft of over $10,000, reckless endangerment. an unbelievable rescue caught on camera in israel. check this video out. these are firefighters on the scene. it looks like they're in kind of an irrigation ditch. see how tiny that face is. what do you think these
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firefighters could possibly be rescuing? >> a cow. >> anything is possible. >> yeah. we've seen so many videos of things stuck. cow? a human. >> an el vaephant could be down there. >> not an elephant, not a human, but when you see the moment this creature comes out of this ditch, your minds are going to explode out. >> oh. >> keep your eyes on the firefighters. they have their tools, their arms down in the irrigation ditch. they're trying to lift this creature up out of this narrow space. >> a german shepherd. >> it is. it is unbelievable that giant german shepherd was down in that tiny space. this is a family dog, a local family. they had been looking for their dog for more than 24 hours when they realized where the german shepherd was and couldn't get the dog out. they had to call in firefighters. if you go back and watch it
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again, to watch the moment the dog comes out of that crack in the earth, basically what it looks like. then the moment that the dog is reunited with its owner is incredible. they're in tears. >> they're fun. wagging his tail. >> scared, hungry, thirsty, but back with his family, good go. >> a very scary moment for this woman pulling up to this gas station in new york. she drives up to the pump and see her stop the car. two kids inside the car with her. she gets out and starts getting her car ready for the pump. watch what starts happening right about here. >> oh, no. >> yeah. >> did the kids bump it into gear or something? >> nope. it sounds like she forget to put the brake on or maybe put it in neutral and the car started going back. she rushes right after it opens the door, the car runs her over. >> oh, my gosh. >> maybe the door just knocked her down. it didn't rupp her over over.
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>> oh, no. >> got her. >> looks like the tire got her. >> another customer dave who saws this going on, runs right behind the woman, fortunately she did manage to open the car. he gets in the car and stops the car on the spot. >> wowp p. super dave. her two kids were in this. >> she's running on adrenaline right now, popped up grabbing her back a little bit. >> incredibly scary moment. we're glad that dave was able to stop the car before anything happened because had the car kept going so much traffic op the street behind them. >> lucky. dude stuck in the middle of a 47-car pileup. >> this guy is getting rear-ended right here. >> and you can hear accidents happening all around this guy. >> why the scene outside is one big mess. >> are you okay? >> what are you two doing? >> two hawks take each other on. >> one has his claw around the other one's neck. >> see how this wrestling match
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we're not safe from winter weathers just yet, even though it's spring time. this was earlier this week in wyoming. look at this. snowy, icy, windy conditions on i-80 mile-marker 264 east of elk mountain around 2:00 p.m. this is a truck driver taking video from inside his rig. part of the 47-car pileup out
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there. >> oh, [ bleep ]. this guy is getting rear-ended right here. >> and you can hear accidents happening all around this guy. >> there's two more. holy [ bleep ]. he's going to get me. missed me. oh, my god. we got like [ bleep ] four trucks right here hitting each other and [ bleep ]. >> you can hear this guy worried about himself, the people around him. where can all these people go? >> he says his truck might have gotten hit from behind but just a minor accident. he's walking back here and now you're going to see some of the serious damage that's going on right behind this guy. >> oh, man. >> he's walking up to this scene. you can see this is just a mess. >> holley [ bleep ] they're still crashing back there, aren't they? are you okay? can you get out? >> oh, man. >> seven people had to go to the hospital. two people were trapped inside
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their subaru smashed between two big trucks, trapped for two hours. this is a picture from the wyoming highway patrol. you see one of the guys who's trapped inside this subaru, you can see the first responders communicating with the guy. >> looks like a wadded up piece of tin foil. >> the highway was closed for 18 hours. in all of the people injured only one person with serious injuries. i have never seen anything like this. i'm going to see how close i can get. >> the resort in sarasota, florida, was home of an ugly sight. ♪ >> it's almost like they're hooked together. they can't separate. >> falcons some. >> those are believed to be coopers hawks. craig shot this video, believes
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they're very, very young and he says once he came upon them, they kind of stopped fighting. >> don't want to get too close because i don't want them to attack me. >> doing that weird leg wrestling thing. >> they have that weird leg wrestling thing going on, they're holding on to each other. craig is talking to them like kids, what's going on here. >> what are you two doing? >> indian leg wrestling what they're doing. >> legs twisted like a pretzel. >> you don't seem to be bothered by me much. >> why did he get so close. these could turn their anger at him. >> i try to separate you two are you going to bite me if i do? >> you don't get to see those birds that close in the wild. >> they don't seem to really care that he's there. >> you all still fighting? why don't you all just ease up a little bit? >> he tells them to ease up. notice one has his claw around the other one's neck. >> they look exhausted. >> yeah go on, you two. ease up. >> wow. >> did they get separated ever? do we get to see?
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the internet famous pot hole. >> i'm in a pot hole. >> yes, he's in a pot hole. >> what's up with the pothole next "right this minute." still to come, a man standing on a bridge gets greeted by a psycho with an ax. >> just walks up to him and chops him in the chest? >> how sweet justice was just around the corner. plus the jellyfish sombrero may become a new summer trend. >> well, only if you're a jack -- >> see steve-o himself try it out. >> oh, my gosh. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry . and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversr, soso i i w wanant t yoyou u tot. ththerere e arare e cucurrry no credit score oror i incncomome e rerequs to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-xy from the equity in your home. yoyou u cacan n ususe e ththe ef your current mortgage ifif y youou h havave e. the remaining money can be used for anything.
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cacallll t to o fifindnd t a great solution this can be. closed captioning provided by -- frfreseshehen , anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces care.e. smsmilile e ststror. ononcece, , twtwicice, it's time for new seselslsune scscalalp . it worksks a at t ththee sosoururce with ththe e nunumbmberer oe ananti-itch medicine. plus soothing aloe for fast relief. seselslsunun b bluluee scscalalp itch. like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. i have a couple completely random but very shocking attacks. this one is in russia. look at this man leaning over
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these guardrails here. he's out on a stroll with his wife who currently is on a phone call off the screen. apparently they needed to unwind two days before this incident, her father, a world war ii vet, had passed away. they went for a walk. as she's finishing up the phone call her husband waits. look at this man that approaches her husband. >> is that an ax? walks up to him and chops him in the chest? >> i don't know where this man with an ax swings at the husband and does actually strike him, leaving him with minor injuries. he will be okay. the whole thing is just so bizarre. fortunately talk about being at the right place at the right time for police officers, that saw what was going on down the street. the man walks over to the side of the road, sees the officers, tries to get rid of the weapon. leans on the guardrail. hey, hey, nothing is going on here. >> what an idiot. >> he was arrested and some
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reports say that he was drunk during this incident, which could help explain what happened. >> i'm glad the police are right there because who would believe that? >> right. >> this guy came out of nowhere with an ax and tried chopping my head off. >> one guy that did get away is this guy in florida at a strip club. it's not clear what's happening at the beginning of the video. looks like he is out the door, maybe he wasn't allowed in because when the video switches over you see he is what looks like a parking lot with the bouncer of this strip club right here. the guy in the white tank top doeses this. he picked up what was a concrete pole and tossed it toward the bouncer, striking him in the head giving him a broken skull and cranial bleeding. police are looking for him hoping someone recognizes him. yesterday i showed you guys this video and since that time, it has gone incredibly viral. young fella trying to take a selfie of himself, but what he
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got looks very painful. >> oh. >> a boot to the face as the train goes by. we did it in slow motion frame by frame and you can see the guy's face morphed. he got punted into orbit here, got this from juken video. lot of talk about this video and who he is and where he was. this was in peru. the guy is named jared and we tracked him down, via skype, right this minute to talk about this face still intact. lots of people on-line talking about this video. lots of people saying it's fake. no way a conductor or somebody on that train would hit you. ready for jimmy kimmel to pop out. >> it's 100% real. the video went viral but the story, to get there you have to walk on a train track. i was on the train track, heard the train coming and stepped off the train track and with my friend who didn't warn me that the train was coming because i had my headphones in which i shouldn't have done. tried to make a quick video of
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me standing there with the train going behind me and immediately got hit in the head. i wasn't injured at all. it was way more shocking than it was painful. >> one of our viewers pointed out a piece of metal sticking out from the train and the speculation was maybe the conductor was trying to protect you a little bit by putting his foot there instead of you getting brained by the piece of metal on the train. what's your thought on that? >> yeah. i don't think that's true at all. it certainly makes for a better video. makes people think this guy save my life when really i think he just punished me for being too close to the train. >> what do you have to say to the seem who think this is fake? >> it certainly looks fake. i totally understand. the fact is people think it's jimmy kimmel. i would be one of them as well. extremely skeptical. [ inaudible ] that little part i said, i can't believe i got it on film. >> that guy kicked me on head. i got it on film. >> that was genuine surprise.
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>> have you heard from the owner of the foot? >> no. i couldn't think i'll ever find the foot owner. some jungle in peru. >> wow. that guy kicked me in the head. here's a dude smoking a sig. >> why would you film this? like why film a guy just puffing on a cigarette? >> what dude does with it n female announcer: get on board for better sleep.
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really get wiped out by a giant big rig. that rig gets in a little tussle with another car that sends the rig flying off the road, crushes the light post there and just barely gets knocked down but jumps right back up. he did suffer some cuts and bruises but other than that he's fine. >> not only did he kind of do a somersault over, he's lucky he didn't get hit by that pole. >> there's so much that could have got him. just the idea that you're walking down the street, maybe you left your place of business second later or second earlier. it could change your entire life. >> had they been just a foot forward this would have been a completely different story. >> absolutely. >> they're lucky it didn't burst into flames. where would they have gone. he was on the ground. >> you're darn right. it's raining. >> that's his lucky umbrella, i think. >> monkey takes a selfie. ♪
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♪ at first glance in this video looks like a dude smoking a cigarette. why would you film this? because of this. he's rolling it off his hand. almost looks like it's going to fall on the ground. now it's levitating, levitating, levitating. >> that is so [ bleep ] cool. >> levitates back to his mouth. once the cigarette gets back up to his lips you can see he puffs on it. >> it's at bar. not like it's at a theater where he could have a string or some kind of mechanism hooked up, right? >> come on, you guys. it's a magic trick. that's all it is. slight of hand thing with a
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piece of string and a dark bar. this is aaron davies, he on his website is an award-winning magician. >> we know it's magic. >> either way pretty cool. >> in the summer season the jellyfish sombrero may become a new summer trend. >> that pro-- if only i could w a jelly if fish sombrero. >> our buddy steve-o of "jackass" fame is going to introduce us to the sombrero and about to do steve-o like things. ♪ >> jellyfish sombrero. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. that's -- >> this is what steve-o does. >> not surprised steve-o does this. not surprising at all.
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>> that's it for "rtm." we'll see you next time, everybody.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web this is the show for you, "right this minute." a disturbing scene as a worker is im pailed by a metal fence that -- >> stopped at the jawbone but he's stuck there. >> see the risky operation to save his life. >> a dude on a scooter wins the award. >> for being cool, calm and collected. >> how he tricked a wanted man into turning himself in. a lazy rafting trip but -- >> notice what's in the water. >> the surprise that woke him up in a hurry.


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